App Store Optimization: Why no takers?

Jeff and I are preparing the app for submission to the App Store in the autumn. We started sifting through possible companies to ask for help.

A month ago, we went on an actual, in-person appointment with the principal guy of one company. We thought we would get to meet his team, but no. Only him. While he was courteous, he rushed us out after only an hour. We got the impression we would hear from him again, but nothing — he dumped us like a lead balloon. I doubt if the rest of his company even knows about us. Here we were, willing to throw him money, but nothing. He didn’t even have the manners to let us know that he was not interested in our account — we are too small, or offered him too little money, or whatever the case was. I guess he is already making money hand over fist, has more business than he can handle, or is independently wealthy. Not impressed.

A week ago, I emailed a colleague asking if he has the skill-set we are looking for. He immediately replied saying no, but would like to help find someone. I was impressed how fast he replied, and how encouraging he was. Thank you, Frank!

Also a week ago, I sent seven local companies a very nice and very specific email asking for help with App Store Optimization (as well as other categories). One replied immediately saying his wife’s company might be interested but didn’t hear anything more.

One replied by email two days later saying no, that they don’t handle mom-and-pop companies. Her email had the tone of being ho-hum bored. One of the five I sent an additional email.

But the remaining five left us hanging by not replying at all. Rude!

WTF? Why the silent treatment? Here we are — a paying client — willing to throw a company money, and we’re getting the cold shoulder. Am I submitting the equivalent of my resumé, and getting rejected because I don’t have the skills to ask someone if THEY HAVE SKILLS to help? I am the client — the payor — the one with the cash on the barrelhead. Or is it that the latter two weeks of August REALLY is a time when companies get absolutely nothing done because everyone is on vacation and not getting their emails?

I feel offended.

I am not going to beg. I am faced with the prospect that it will take longer to find someone to do App Store Optimization than if I learn how to do it myself. Yesterday, I decided to do it myself.



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